Lawson's 818C

March 2020 Update #2: COVID-19 Quarantine Edition

Body Finished the headlights and checked the wiring. Everything works except the running lights on both sides so I need to look into why that is. Fuse perhaps? I honestly don’t even know if they’re supposed to just turn on with the low beams or what. I played with the hood and fender fitment. Attached […]

March 2020 Update: Front Bodywork

Bodywork With some help from a friend, several hours were spent working on getting the front half of the body put on. So much fiddling with alignment! Pretty much every mounting location moves and each of the body panels is asymmetrical enough to make you scratch your head a bit. Slowly but surely, we worked […]

February 2020 Update: Adding the “C” to the 818

Bodywork Placed the hardtop onto the car! Really helps improve the “car” appearance of the kit. I have to trim the front flange to fit around the brake fluid reservoir. I can’t actually install or fit the top properly until I do that. I’m going to do some forum research to make sure there’s no […]

January 2020 Update #3: Rear bumper install

Body  Rear bumper has been fitted. Overall pretty easy because they mount it on the body for shipping so some of the work is already done. I did trim around the trans mount because the build manual just showed it going over the studs and I did not like that. Easy to dremel around so […]

January 2020 Update #2: Bodywork and Stereo

Bodywork I installed the tail lights into the rear bumper and cut out the lower bumper vent. Drilled and cleco’d the side panels in place. I will probably rivet them after I fit and check the rear bumper alignment. I want to keep them easy to remove for the time being in case something needs […]

January 2020 Update: Bodywork Begins!

Body I started the bodywork on the car! Just doing simple things at the moment such as cutting holes for the taillights, cutting vent holes, and starting to mount the panels for a rough mock-up. Right now, I have just the sidesail clamped to the car but I plan to throw on some of the […]