Lawson's 818C

July 2022 Update: Transmission Fixed and Autocross Testing

July 2022 Update: Transmission Fixed and Autocross Testing Transmission Rebuild I ended up dropping the money on a Quaife QDH3Y limited slip differential to drop into the car. It cost about $930 shipped direct from Quaife in the UK. All the US resellers had big markups on the diff. Quaife’s website makes it look […]

Resuming Work and Interior Finishing

Resuming Work and Interior Finishing Previous Next After a very long drought of any meaningful work on the car I have resumed getting the list of to-dos done. I’ve been quite busy lately with my startup, but I want to use the car some this Summer and prepare it for not being a shed-kept project, […]

September 2020 Update: Daily Driver!

General: The car is officially my “daily” for the time being. I did the 75 mile drive back to Atlanta with it and it is my only car here on campus at Georgia Tech. Certainly not the most practical of vehicles, but it has been good to spend some time with it in the driver’s […]

July 2020 Update: It’s Road Legal!

The Big News: The car is officially titled and registered in GA! The process started in March this year and I’ve been constantly jumping through the hoops since. It’s exciting now that I can freely take it out on the road when it’s ready…which is hopefully soon. I took it for a very brief spin […]

June 2020 Update: Final stage of registration, build website, bodywork

Registration I made a trip home this last weekend thanks to Spirit’s $75 round trip tickets. I was able to get the VIN plate on the car and have it inspected by a police officer. What I think should be the final piece of paper for getting the title is now in the mail. I […]

May 2020 Update #2: Continuing the bodywork

Bodywork I spent quite a lot of time trying to finish the work on the doors and sidesails. Unfortunately a few parts of the side sails still need more work. I learned that in a lot of cases I need to use the gel putty rather than the plain gel coat because you really can’t […]

May 2020 Update: Door windows and bodywork

General Status Update The car isn’t quite as far along as I had hoped it would be at this point considering how much time I’ve had to work on it. Particularly the paperwork part, so it will not be coming with me to Michigan for at least a little while until all that gets processed. […]

April 2020 Update: Wheel well aluminum, rear hatch

Wheel Well Aluminum I installed both the front and rear wheel well aluminum panels. The rear ones were fairly straight forward. The front was like a puzzle! I had to ask the Facebook group for help. The instructions don’t clearly show where they all go (although there is a diagram further back in the manual) […]

March 2020 Update #4: State Inspection Passed!!!

Inspection  I brought the car in for its Georgia state safety inspection. It passed! Really the only thing checked was the lights. Thank god my last-minute reverse light/blinker fix was successful. My horn didn’t work because my donor steering wheel apparently had some issues with the clockspring wiring. Not sure why exactly it had been […]

March 2020 Update #3: Spring Break Progress

Body I brought the car to get the glass installed. Everything but the doors have glass now! Installed the hood pins for the hood and the rear portion of the top. Doors I have assembled and installed the door frames, latches and doors skins. Quite a time consuming task with a TON of fiddling with […]