Lawson's 818C

  • Body
    • Finished the headlights and checked the wiring. Everything works except the running lights on both sides so I need to look into why that is. Fuse perhaps? I honestly don’t even know if they’re supposed to just turn on with the low beams or what.
    • I played with the hood and fender fitment. Attached the upper fender mounts but there’s still adjustments to be made.
    • I painted the door frames and installed the gas filler neck to the gas cap.
  • Coronavirus
    • Well, this is certainly something I never could have foreseen with the build. It’s looking extremely likely that my Georgia Tech classes post-spring break will be moved online. Meaning I will be at home, with the 818, everyday…so the silver lining to this imposed quarantine is that the odds of me getting the car into a Michigan road-trip ready state by May have increased significantly. We’ll see how it plays out from here.

  • Front headlights finished

  • Fitting the hood and fenders

  • I accidentally melted through one bucket…I fixed it.