Lawson's 818C

The Complete 818 Coupe Documentation

General advice on building a kit car, documenting a project, and navigating the interwebs for building your own kit car.

  • Document as much as possible
  • Keep receipts- This isn’t necessary for tiny things like hardware, but make sure you have receipts for all the >$100 expenditures on your build. This will be absolutely required if you plan to title/register/insure the vehicle in any way. Track-only builds can probably get away without doing this.
  • Take pictures!- Pictures are great not only for build documentation and showing friends, but also for record keeping and ways to remember what things look like or where they go. I try to take pictures of just about everything as I go along. You don’t have to document everything like I have, but pictures will benefit yourself down the road in many instances.
  • Decide goals and set realistic expectations for the build- I think a lot of people that quit these builds mid-way through had unrealistic expectations of the car they were building. These kits are best thought of as projects than finished vehicles. If your goal for the build is only to have a car that does “X”, then you are probably better served by something else. However, if your goal is to have the experience of building your own car, despite that it will not be perfect or the most efficient way to get a fun thing to drive then you can consider the kits a great option!
  • Save forum threads as PDF’s- If you find think you will want to reference them in the future save the threads as PDF’s. I can’t name how many times I’ve seen something useful in a forum thread somewhere and then am not able to find it again later when I need it. I now try to save everything in PDF format which you can do on any computer by “Print as PDF”. Forum pictures and stuff can also disappear from hosting changes and such so you want to make sure you don’t lose all that helpful advice.

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