Lawson's 818C Build

Hi, this website is the build log and documentation for my Factory Five 818C project.

My Background

  • I'm a Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineering Student
    • I'm a member of the Georgia Tech Wreck Racing team. We build cars to compete in the Grassroot's $20XX Challenge.
      • One being a Subaru powered mid-engine Honda Insight that won the challenge. It actually had a very similar drivetrain layout to an 818.
    • Co-oping with General Motors
  • Bought the Subaru and did the donor teardown in Michigan but the build will be happening in Georgia
  • This is my first kit car build
  • The kit was picked up May 14th, 2018
  • The donor is a 2004 Subaru WRX with an STI shortblock I picked up for $2300 (It looks better in the pictures than it really was)


  • Comparable Production Car: Lotus Exige S
    • This is a similar performance and comfort benchmark for my build if you're looking for an idea of what an 818 is like. It's a very fast car, but nothing insane and its comfort levels/features are on the high side of what's achievable with a kit like the 818C. Plus, then I only have to live up to British reliability standards...
  • Creature comforts (AC, power windows, stereo)
  • Livable weekend car with occasional autox/track days
  • ~ 280HP at the wheels
  • Fully finished exterior and interior
    • Painted or well-vinyled bodywork
    • Upholstered interior
  • Road Legal