Lawson's 818C Build

This website is the build documentation for my Factory Five Racing 818 Coupe. Hoping this site can help some new builders, people interested in the car, or just some car folks looking for something to read.

Picture of myself in a Spec E30 BMW at Atlanta Motorsports Park

My Background

  • I'm a Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineering Student

    • I'm a member of the Georgia Tech Wreck Racing team. We build cars to compete in the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine $2000 Challenge.

      • One being a Subaru powered mid-engine Honda Insight that won the challenge. It actually had a very similar drivetrain layout to an 818.

    • Co-oping with General Motors

  • Bought the Subaru and did the donor teardown in Michigan but the build is happening in Georgia

  • The kit was picked up May 14th, 2018 . Became street legal July 2020.

  • The donor was a 2004 Subaru WRX with an STI shortblock I picked up for $2300 (It looks better in the pictures than it really was)

Factory Five's Snap-on Ecoboost 4-cylinder 818C


  • Comparable Production Car: Lotus Exige S

    • This is a similar performance and comfort benchmark for my build if you're looking for an idea of what an 818 is like. It's a very fast car, but nothing insane and its comfort levels/features are on the high side of what's achievable with a kit like the 818C. Plus, then I only have to live up to British reliability standards...

  • Creature comforts (AC, power windows, stereo)

  • Livable weekend car with occasional autox/track days

  • ~ 280HP at the wheels

  • Fully finished exterior and interior

    • Painted or well-vinyled bodywork

    • Upholstered interior

  • Road Legal