Lawson's 818C

The Complete 818 Coupe Documentation


Refurbishing the Donor Parts

Like many Subaru donors, my 2004 WRX had seen some winter weather. Therefore, most of the parts needed at minimum some cleaning up and a fresh coat of paint if I wanted them looking solid on the 818.

  • I used Corroseal rust reverser product on all the rusty cast parts like the spindles. You wirewheel first then use the product and it turns a nice black color. Then just paint!
  • Control arms just required some wire wheeling and a fresh coat of paint
  • One tip, the rear lateral link bolts might be completely seized. In some cases it might be easier to buy a new rear spindle but YMMV.

Also like many donors, mine had a fair share of miles on the chassis (150K). So I did some maintenance items like the wheel bearings just as a while-you’re-in-there thing. A harbor freight press is a godsend for this! With the press, the wheel bearings are quite easy.

Aluminum Panels





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