Lawson's 818C

January 2019 Update #2: Engine Idle Fixed, Odds and Ends

Engine 3rd ECU was finally tuneable! I adjusted the fuel injector size and latencies to match the 2005 WRX Sti stock tune which are what my fuel pump, fuel rail, and injectors are from. Idle is fixed after finding a open vacuum port on the intake. There are quite a few of these and I […]

December 2018: First start attempt (ended poorly)

Engine So…I attempted to start the engine and things did not go as planned. It turned over fine at first. It backfired a couple times for the first crank or two but the engine never started. Then I heard the timing belt slip followed with a noise that I’m pretty sure was the piston and […]

December 2018: Back from work, back to work…

Finished my work term with GM, so I’m back working on the kit. Planning to work pretty extensively until the school semester starts back up in January. Engine I’m hoping to get the engine running this week. Wiring and cooling are the big tasks that still need to get completed. Alternator and AC compressor are […]

August 2018 Update #3: Pausing Point for the Build

Moving to Michigan for another co-op term I won’t be working on the car much, if at all, from now through the middle of December because I have moved to Michigan for a co-op work semester with General Motors. Would’ve like to keep working on the car, but it’s sadly not practical to move everything […]

August 2018 Update #2: It Rolls!

Chassis: Steering column installed. This was a nice and easy job. Clutch master cylinder installed. Rear brake calipers, suspension, and axles installed. NC Miata Brake Master Cylinder and Booster So the reason behind this is that I wanted to solve the brake issues that many builders complain about with the 818. Most say that the […]

August 2018 Update: Trans Rebuild, More Hickups

Transmission: So the transmission news unfortunately did not get any better in the last week. I went to pickup a used 2004 WRX transmission for $300 from a guy about an hour away. I brought the transmission back and immediately started to disassemble it so I could install the diff and check out the condition […]

July 2018 Update #5: The Donor That Keeps on Giving…

Rough weekend in the shop 😞 Went to install flywheel, one of the bolt threads in the crank had been damaged by the previous owners so it stripped a bolt. I’ll have to get a new bolt and helicoil the threads. Should be fun in a hardened steel crankshaft… Transmission limited slip diff install went […]

July 2018 Update #2: Front Brakes, Steering, and Engine Odds/Ends

Front brakes: Cleaned up existing brake discs for semi-temporary usage. I’ll replace them down the road but they’re fine until the kit is fully finished. The pads are even in good condition with lots of material. Mounted the 4 piston front calipers. Front suspension Issues: The replacement ball joint I bought was poor quality and […]

June 2018 Update #3: Front Suspension

Worked on getting the front suspension bolted up last weekend. Repainted lower control arms and attached lower shock mounts. Replaced the wheel bearings and ball joint in both front spindles. Hydraulic press definitely required for this but wasn’t too bad overall. Assembled the upper control arms. Mounted the upper control arms, lower control arms, and […]

June 2018 Update #2: Front Firewall and Donor Parts Prep

Engine Rebuild Mounted exhaust manifold and turbo. Installed hard coolant lines but waiting on replacement rubber hose connections for them.  Timing system fully installed and covers added. Suspension Parts Prep: I disassembled the rear donor suspension. However, I have to tackle one more long lateral link bolt that has rusted in place as well as […]