Lawson's 818C

November 2019 Update #3: G37 Brake Master Cylinder and 3D Prints

Brakes So I think I’m finally at the end of the power brakes project. Unfortunately, the MazdaSpeed 3 booster would not fit in the space provided. I actually got a lucky break because the dead Miata forum thread regarding 1″ master cylinder’s came back alive. NC Miata owners found that a G37 brake master cylinder […]

November 2019 Update #2: No More Check Engine Light!

Engine So I spent yet another weekend mostly troubleshooting engine issues. I had hoped that the ECU swap would be a nice 10 min fix-everything solution but that was far from the case. I swapped the ECU’s and everything stayed exactly the same which was quite disappointing. I quadruple checked my AVCS wiring and found […]

November 2019 Update: Exhaust finished, ABS Wiring

Haven’t been able to work on the car in a few weeks due to my college club’s (Georgia Tech Wreck Racing) competition a week ago. We built a turbocharged LS-Swapped BMW E28 for competing in the GRM $2000 Challenge. Now that that’s over I have a few weeks to get some work in before finals […]

October 2019 Update: Exhaust and Continuing The Go Kart Check-List

Engine I mocked up the exhaust using my existing Boig Motorsports exhaust and a portion of the downpipe from the EJ207. It won’t be as nice as the original Boig exhaust but it’ll do and it didn’t cost me anything extra. A short drive with the exhaust confirmed that all my low-speed engine issues were […]

August 2019 Update: Running on all cylinders!

Engine I re-shimmed the valves to bring everything back into tolerance on the passenger side head. To my relief, the leak down tests following this were good! I put everything back together and sure enough the car is now firing properly on all cylinders 🙂 . Dyno tune coming shortly! Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly […]

April 2019 Update #1: It Drives!

It is driving! I drove the car for the first time, at parking lot speeds, which was quite satisfying. The brakes are not up to the task of any higher speeds yet and and the engine isn’t tuned so I hope to get both of those solved soon and get a real driving evaluation of […]

March 2019 Update #3: Brake plumbing, seatbelts, still leaking coolant…

Brakes Lines plumbed to all 4 wheels. Master cylinder lines waiting for a new MC. ABS sensors installed and wiring secured. My NC miata master cylinder didn’t work out… :(. Couldn’t get the front line to clear the frame. Another guy on the forum bought a RHD miata booster+master which I would say is a […]

March 2019 Update #2: Seat Install, Firewall, Brake Lines

Engine Yet more leaks! It’s become like a game to fix the new coolant leaks every start-up. This time it was the water pump clamp, which hasn’t leaked before, but I tightened it and it stopped. The driver’s side coolant pipe was leaking a little still so I adjusted the adapter and re-clamped. Seats Finally […]

February 2019 Update #2: Shifter, Exhaust, Wheel Spacers

Shifter I installed the aluminum K-Tuned shifter and the shift cables. The shifter looks awesome, but there’s still some work to do to make it feel great. I can currently get every gear though so I’m leave it as “good enough” for the moment. I cycled through all the gears and they all work 🙂 […]