Lawson's 818C

November 2020 Update #2: Autocross Debut

Took the car out for its first autocross! Had blast and the car did surprisingly well. I thought it would be twitchier based on how it turns in on the road, but it seems like that feeling is just an initial turn in thing. As usual, found a few things here and there to fix/improve […]

August 2020 Update: Stereo, Center Console, Dash Install

General Update: Finished my (final) co-op with General Motors and back in Georgia for my last semester of college. Meaning the 818 work resumes! I had a week off so I took time to start finishing the interior. Made some good progress and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. I think the car […]

July 2020 Update: It’s Road Legal!

The Big News: The car is officially titled and registered in GA! The process started in March this year and I’ve been constantly jumping through the hoops since. It’s exciting now that I can freely take it out on the road when it’s ready…which is hopefully soon. I took it for a very brief spin […]

May 2020 Update: Door windows and bodywork

General Status Update The car isn’t quite as far along as I had hoped it would be at this point considering how much time I’ve had to work on it. Particularly the paperwork part, so it will not be coming with me to Michigan for at least a little while until all that gets processed. […]

March 2020 Update #2: COVID-19 Quarantine Edition

Body Finished the headlights and checked the wiring. Everything works except the running lights on both sides so I need to look into why that is. Fuse perhaps? I honestly don’t even know if they’re supposed to just turn on with the low beams or what. I played with the hood and fender fitment. Attached […]

January 2020 Update #3: Rear bumper install

Body  Rear bumper has been fitted. Overall pretty easy because they mount it on the body for shipping so some of the work is already done. I did trim around the trans mount because the build manual just showed it going over the studs and I did not like that. Easy to dremel around so […]

November 2019 Update #2: No More Check Engine Light!

Engine So I spent yet another weekend mostly troubleshooting engine issues. I had hoped that the ECU swap would be a nice 10 min fix-everything solution but that was far from the case. I swapped the ECU’s and everything stayed exactly the same which was quite disappointing. I quadruple checked my AVCS wiring and found […]

November 2019 Update: Exhaust finished, ABS Wiring

Haven’t been able to work on the car in a few weeks due to my college club’s (Georgia Tech Wreck Racing) competition a week ago. We built a turbocharged LS-Swapped BMW E28 for competing in the GRM $2000 Challenge. Now that that’s over I have a few weeks to get some work in before finals […]

December 2018: First start attempt (ended poorly)

Engine So…I attempted to start the engine and things did not go as planned. It turned over fine at first. It backfired a couple times for the first crank or two but the engine never started. Then I heard the timing belt slip followed with a noise that I’m pretty sure was the piston and […]

December 2018: Back from work, back to work…

Finished my work term with GM, so I’m back working on the kit. Planning to work pretty extensively until the school semester starts back up in January. Engine I’m hoping to get the engine running this week. Wiring and cooling are the big tasks that still need to get completed. Alternator and AC compressor are […]