Lawson's 818C

August 2018 Update #3: Pausing Point for the Build

Moving to Michigan for another co-op term I won’t be working on the car much, if at all, from now through the middle of December because I have moved to Michigan for a co-op work semester with General Motors. Would’ve like to keep working on the car, but it’s sadly not practical to move everything […]

August 2018 Update #2: It Rolls!

Chassis: Steering column installed. This was a nice and easy job. Clutch master cylinder installed. Rear brake calipers, suspension, and axles installed. NC Miata Brake Master Cylinder and Booster So the reason behind this is that I wanted to solve the brake issues that many builders complain about with the 818. Most say that the […]

August 2018 Update: Trans Rebuild, More Hickups

Transmission: So the transmission news unfortunately did not get any better in the last week. I went to pickup a used 2004 WRX transmission for $300 from a guy about an hour away. I brought the transmission back and immediately started to disassemble it so I could install the diff and check out the condition […]

July 2018 Update #5: The Donor That Keeps on Giving…

Rough weekend in the shop 😞 Went to install flywheel, one of the bolt threads in the crank had been damaged by the previous owners so it stripped a bolt. I’ll have to get a new bolt and helicoil the threads. Should be fun in a hardened steel crankshaft… Transmission limited slip diff install went […]

July 2018 Update #4: Engine Install

Engine: Installed engine mounts Connected a couple more vacuum/coolant lines. Still 2 or 3 more to finish like the boost control solenoid. Alternator partially installed, but I seem to have left the power steering bracket that’s used to tension it in Michigan…hopefully will resolve that soon. Installed the engine into the chassis! I probably could’ve […]