Lawson's 818C

May 2018 Update #2: Picked up the kit!

I finally got to pick up my 818C kit from Factory Five! 😊 Took a 2000 mile road trip from Michigan to Factory Five to Georgia. Got an awesome tour of the FFR facility and the staff there were great to talk to and helped load the trailer. The trip went smooth, just trucking along […]

May 2018 Update: Ready for a Road Trip

I did a few items on the engine: Installed oil pump and water pump. Installed TGVs and Intake Repaired stripped valve cover bolt thread. Had to get creative with this one but was able to make it work. As things go…my EJ257 gasket kit didn’t have the right valve cover gasket for the EJ205 heads […]

April 2018 Update: Preparation for Kit Pickup and Relocation

Relocating all the donor stuff to GA (with the kit to follow) Brought a truck and trailer to MI so that I can carry all my donor stuff down South and go pickup the kit while I’m at it. Should be a fun road trip! Rebuilt trailer hubs to make the trip, quite a messy […]