June 2018 Update #2: Front Firewall and Donor Parts Prep

Engine Rebuild Mounted exhaust manifold and turbo. Installed hard coolant lines but waiting on replacement rubber hose connections for them.  Timing system fully installed and covers added. Suspension Parts Prep: I disassembled the rear donor suspension. However, I have to tackle one more long lateral link bolt that has rusted in place as well as […]

June 2018 Update: Underbody Panels and Suspension Prep

Riveted the underbody panels. Coated with 3M Rubberized Undercoating. It’s hard to get the finish consistent with this paint but it turned out alright and not terribly important for an underbody panel. Donor suspension prep: Derusted the spindles using a chemical rust-reverse product. It turns them a nice black color. The stuff’s fairly expensive though, […]

May 2018 Update: Ready for a Road Trip

I did a few items on the engine: Installed oil pump and water pump. Installed TGVs and Intake Repaired stripped valve cover bolt thread. Had to get creative with this one but was able to make it work. As things go…my EJ257 gasket kit didn’t have the right valve cover gasket for the EJ205 heads […]

April 2018 Update #3: Painting the Engine Parts

I painted the intake and valve covers in VHT Wrinkle Blue paint to replace the poor red paint job that was on them before. Note: The wrinkle paint needs very good prep for a consistent texture. My intake didn’t come out perfect, but it’s not bad. Long dry times but it comes out pretty nice. […]

April 2018 Update #2: Engine build and Kit Preparation

Kit is paid for! Picking up on the morning of May 14th 🙂 Hoping the 30+ hr driving time road trip for this goes smoothly. Donor shell is officially off to scrap. Engine Rebuild: Does it still count as a “rebuild” if 90% of the parts are new? Top tip: Dishwasher is great for aluminum […]

February 2018 Update #2: Starting the Engine Reassembly

Engine is ready for reassembly: Ball-honed the cylinders. They have some minor scratching from the piston skirts but seems to be mostly resolved from the dingleballing. Hoping to get the shortblock together this week and long block assembled in the next couple weeks. Bought lots of parts to freshen up the engine’s problems: STi side-feed […]

February 2018 Update: Cleaning Up The Engine Parts

Engine block degreasing and cleanup. I gave them a bath in degreaser and scrubbed with warm soapy water afterwards. They didn’t come out perfect, but much improved. I then used a brass wire wheel to clean up the sealing surfaces of the block halves. Got new JE Hybrid Pistons! Heads are getting machined and cleaned […]

January 2018 Update #2: Finishing the Engine Teardown

Engine teardown complete Subaru likes to make things difficult…Here are some of my recommendations on engine teardown. Loosen crank pulley using two 3/8 2″ extensions and a large pry-bar propped still to hold it in place. Or spend the money on the Subaru tool. You’ll need something to cut the oil pan seal without damaging […]

January 2018 Update: Starting the Full Teardown

Back in Michigan so I’m once again working on the project! Tore down the donor interior so I could park it outside for the winter. Decided to do a full engine rebuild for several reasons: I have no idea what is actually inside this engine or it’s condition I don’t want to pull the engine […]