Lawson's 818C

July 2020 Update: It’s Road Legal!

The Big News: The car is officially titled and registered in GA! The process started in March this year and I’ve been constantly jumping through the hoops since. It’s exciting now that I can freely take it out on the road when it’s ready…which is hopefully soon. I took it for a very brief spin […]

June 2020 Update: Final stage of registration, build website, bodywork

Registration I made a trip home this last weekend thanks to Spirit’s $75 round trip tickets. I was able to get the VIN plate on the car and have it inspected by a police officer. What I think should be the final piece of paper for getting the title is now in the mail. I […]

May 2020 Update #3: Registration Progress

Titling Current Status: Nothing new to share from the car side of things since I’m in Michigan and the car is in Georgia, but I have made some progress towards getting the car registered. The Georgia department of revenue approved my title paperwork! It would appear my technique of sending them every possible paper of […]

March 2020 Update #4: State Inspection Passed!!!

Inspection  I brought the car in for its Georgia state safety inspection. It passed! Really the only thing checked was the lights. Thank god my last-minute reverse light/blinker fix was successful. My horn didn’t work because my donor steering wheel apparently had some issues with the clockspring wiring. Not sure why exactly it had been […]