Lawson's 818C

July 2022 Update: Transmission Fixed and Autocross Testing

July 2022 Update: Transmission Fixed and Autocross Testing Transmission Rebuild I ended up dropping the money on a Quaife QDH3Y limited slip differential to drop into the car. It cost about $930 shipped direct from Quaife in the UK. All the US resellers had big markups on the diff. Quaife’s website makes it look […]

December 2020 Update: Driving Around and Engine #1 Teardown

 I’ve put another 1000 miles or so on the car driving it around. Even encountered some sub-freezing temps on a trip to the North Carolina mountains and overall everything is still working pretty great! There are a few little issues below though that have been added to the to-fix list. Driver door window needs to […]

November 2020 Update #3: First Track Day!

Track Day: I took the 818 to its first track day at Atlanta Motorsports park. I got to do 2 sessions of about 10 laps each. Overall the car did great! It was certainly fast and the temperatures all stayed in check throughout the session. The car does need some alignment improvements and working ABS/proportioning […]

November 2020 Update #2: Autocross Debut

Took the car out for its first autocross! Had blast and the car did surprisingly well. I thought it would be twitchier based on how it turns in on the road, but it seems like that feeling is just an initial turn in thing. As usual, found a few things here and there to fix/improve […]

November 2020 Update: Breakdown, Driving, Tweaks

  General Update: Have been driving the car for a month now, here’s how it’s gone. Mostly good, with the exception of 1 breakdown…the car sprung a coolant leak on the way back from the alignment shop and required a tow. It was the upper radiator hose, which is a pain to get to, but […]