What's Inside?

Kit Order Options

  1. 818C Kit
  2. Powder-coated frame
  3. K-tuned shifter
  4. Wiper kit

Donor Car

  1. 2004 Subaru WRX Sedan
  2. "Hybrid engine" - 2.0L heads on a 2.5L STi block Died on the dyno September 2019. RIP
  3. Vf-43 turbo
  4. 5 speed manual trans
    1. Rebuilt using 2006 WRX gearset and 2004 WRX ring/pinion gear.

Engine Replacement :(

  • Version 8 Ej207 JDM engine
    • Twin-scroll 2.0L engine from the JDM STi
    • 8k redline, something like ~280HP crank
    • Stock tune, AVCS wired and functional on JDM ECU

Aftermarket/Upgraded Subaru Parts

  1. OBX Limited Slip Differential
    • With spring washer and bolt rebuild kit ($35). This is needed to make sure the diff is well put together, which many aren't from OBX.
  2. Subaru 4-2 pot brakes
  3. Engine Rebuild Parts :(
    1. OEM STi complete gasket kit
    2. JE Hybrid Pistons (for reducing compression of the EJ257/EJ205 "hybrid" engine)
    3. King Bearings rod and main bearings
    4. OEM STi 11mm oil pump
    5. OEM water pump
    6. Gates Racing timing belt, pulleys, and tensioner
    7. ARP head bolts
    8. Used STi OEM oil pan, pickup, and baffle.
    9. Used STi side-feed injectors, TGVs, and fuel rails.
  4. ACT Heavy Duty clutch/pressure plate
  5. iWire Wiring Harness
    1. +ABS wiring, window, and HVAC wiring
  6. Competition Clutch Lightweight Flywheel

Additional Parts

  1. Avanti Storm S1 Hyper Silver 17x8-40 and 17x9-45 Wheels
  2. Dunlop Direzza Star Spec ZII Tires 215/40 and 255/40
  3. Vintage Air Mini II AC System
  4. Corbeau A4 Seats
  5. NC Miata Brake Booster with Infiniti G37 1" Bore Master Cylinder
  6. Customized Boig Motorsports Exhaust
    1. Had to modify it to work on my EJ207

Custom Components

  1. Driver and passenger floor-mount seat brackets
  2. Radiator Mounts
  3. Intake Mount