Lawson's 818C

March 2018 Update: Donor Teardown Complete!

Spent an entire weekend removing all the remaining parts on the Subaru. But I’m finally done with the Subaru! (excluding the parts I keep for the kit) Interior Parts             Front seat belts Wiring HVAC Dashboard Steering Column Exterior Hood hinges Door strikers Door open/close sensors Mechanical Bits Fuel pump/sender Wiring […]

January 2018 Update: Starting the Full Teardown

Back in Michigan so I’m once again working on the project! Tore down the donor interior so I could park it outside for the winter. Decided to do a full engine rebuild for several reasons: I have no idea what is actually inside this engine or it’s condition I don’t want to pull the engine […]

October 2017 Update: Ordered The OBX Differential

Ordered a $260 OBX limited slip diff to install in the transmission. Rebuilding it using new bolts and belleville washers. Not much else getting done until January when I’m back in Michigan. Considering powertrain options such as how to deal with the “hybrid” engine (should I get STi heads?) and whether I want to do […]

Mid-Late July 2017 Update: Pulling the Donor WRX Drivetrain

The engine, front sub-frame, and transmission have all been removed from the car. I degreased the engine and transmission so I am no longer covered in grease and dirt every time I touch them or look at them wrong. I had to reinstall the sub-frame and suspension so that the car is a rolling chassis […]

Early July 2017 update: Assessing the donor WRX

Time to get a detailed assessment on the condition of all the donor parts LOTS of stripped bolt threads Everything leaks (I plan to replace all the gaskets in the engine) Large fuel leak Fixed fuel injector leaks with new o-rings Leaky fuel injector Safety first! The leaking fuel would puddle up here Nice turbo […]

I Bought The Donor for My 818C!

Info: 2004 Subaru WRX sedan Swapped with STI shortblock (but has 2.0L heads so it’s a “hybrid” motor) 5 speed manual  VERY rough around the edges. All kinds of wiring and misc mechanical issues.