Lawson's 818C

  • Engine Failure
    • So…the engine dyno session did not go as planned. Car was doing well for about two hours and pulls up to 6000 rpm. Made 260 HP and 310ft-lbs at the wheels by that point. However, once the tuner did the higher rpm pulls the engine got rod knock immediately so that brought everything to a halt. For those unfamiliar with a Subaru flat four, rod knock means a full rebuild since you can’t fix it without splitting the block case halves. So I am going to cut my losses on this engine and find something (Stock) that is drop-in ready. Sad to see 200+ hrs and a fair bit of money go away but it was at least a learning experience and I can recoup some money from the parts that are new.
    • Looking for new engine options, there’s really not many untouched motors out there that are fairly low mileage besides the JDM imports. Not sure if I trust those either although they would be pretty simple to drop in.
    • With the help of a few friends, I pulled the engine and trans this weekend in a couple hours.

      • Powertrain removed

      • Empty chassis

      • Dyno sheet of the last non-destructive run

      • Cool to watch it on the dyno!

      • Some low-throttle runs at the beginning of the session