Lawson's 818C

  • Engine
    • Apparently engine building is not my calling…discovered some new issues when I brought the car to DBW Motorsports to get it tuned. We were having some issues with misfires on cylinder #3. After checking injectors, coil, plug, wiring, etc. we did a quick compression check which showed only ~90psi compression on that cylinder. DBW was very helpful during all this so hopefully I can get the issues fixed and the car back to them for an actual tune.
    • Leakdown test results- Cylinder 3 has a pretty significant intake valve leak, cylinder 1 has a small exhaust valve leak, and cylinder 2/4 appear to be in ok shape but cylinder 4 does have a very small intake valve leak that “pulses” on/off which seems a bit strange. Good news is the rings don’t seem to be the major issue.
    • Next step for me is to check the valve bucket-camshaft clearance to see if that’s in spec for the passenger side head. If that checks out then I’m looking at pulling and either repairing or replacing the head (Again…). It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to do any more than check the clearances before I move back to Michigan for the Summer because it’s soon to be final exam season here at Georgia Tech.
      •  If it’s a major head issue I may debate over the Summer whether I bother fixing it or call the engine rebuild experiment a failure and start with a stock, factory built motor that I don’t have to tune or debug.