Lawson's 818C

  • Engine Issues
    • So I’ve diagnosed the root cause of the issue with my passenger cylinder head. I made a bit of an error when reassembling the heads…by switching up which side the cam caps went on. Each of the caps is labelled with the cylinder number and whether it is intake or exhaust. For some reason I had a lapse in thinking and put the even cylinders on the passenger side and odd on the driver side. Turns out this is a pretty big deal and can in fact destroy a cam and head just by cranking over. Luckily, only the passenger side head suffered significant damage so I am going to replace it with another rebuilt head I’ve recently purchased.
    • Passenger head should be delivered in about a week. $250 lesson learned…
  • Other stuff
    • While I’m waiting on the head, I’ll probably tackle a couple small things like mounting the ABS pump and installing the wheel speed sensors.

  • Damage on the exhaust camshaft

  • Damage to the cam journals

  • Severe journal damage that blocked the oil port