Lawson's 818C

Just a few small updates on the build:

  • Ordered a few more components:
    • Avanti Storm S1 17×8-40 and 17×9-45 wheels (they’re on sale at TireRack right now!)
    • Dunlop Direzza Star Spec ZIII tires 215/40 front and 255/40 rear
    • iWire Wiring harness arriving next week
  • I’ll be back working on the kit a few weeks and I’ll visit it briefly next week and maybe knock out a couple small things.
  • I also got bored and decided to work on the car virtually…I like how they came out despite my mediocre Photoshop abilities!

  • White Martini

  • Black Martini

  • Blue 

  • Dark Grey Martini

  • Grey Martini